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Fortnite Adds Tricera Ops Skin and Dinosaur Themed Pickaxe

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Fortnite’s 19.10 patch adds a huge dinosaur called a klombo — or “colombo” as autocorrect likes to type — to the island, along with the return of. Watch popular content from the following creators: Save the world from epic games.

Epic Games announces that the previously leaked Tricera Ops skin and dinosaur-themed Bitemark pickaxe are now available for purchase in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Part of the reason why Fortnite has become so popular is due to Epic Games constantly supporting it with fresh content. Whether it's the weekly challenges, limited-time modes, or teasing fans about a meteor heading to Tilted Towers, there's always something new to see in the game. The latest items added to the increasingly popular battle royale game comes in the form of new cosmetics, specifically an outfit called the Tricera Ops, and a dinosaur-themed pickaxe called the Bitemark.

Fortnite players who want to add the Tricera Ops skin and Bitemark pickaxe to their collection of cosmetics can do so buy purchasing them through the in-game shop. For anyone wondering how much the Tricera Ops outfit costs, interested buyers can expect to be set back by about 2,000 V-bucks. Those who want to spring for the Fossil Flyer glider to complete the set will need to shell out another 500 V-bucks.

Check out the new skin and pickaxe right here:

The Fossil Flyer glider, the Tricera Ops outfit, and the Bitemark pickaxe are all now available to purchase in Fortnite, but there's more unique cosmetics on the way in the future. For example, in the datamining effort that originally revealed the Tricera Ops skin last week, fans also became privy to a creepy-looking Tomato man skin that should be making its way to the game sooner rather than later.

So far, Epic has been releasing these new cosmetics at a quick pace, as the third skin from the datamine, the Leviathan skin, was added to the game less than a week ago. If the studio keeps up this pace, then fans should be able to expect the Tomato man outfit in Fortnite by this time next week.

While Fortnite fans wait to get their hands on the Tomato man outfit, they can pass the time by participating in some of the game's special events this weekend. Not only has Epic brought back the 50v50 limited time mode, but it has also made this a double XP weekend for Battle Royale players, which should give fans plenty of reasons to log on and join the chaos.

Fortnite is available now in early access on iOS, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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